General information

1.What games are available?

We currently have many games available in the WantedSlots Facebook app in a wide variety of game types. Players can view all of the games that are currently available by clicking them.

2. How do I play the game?

WantedSlots is a free-to-play slot machines game that aims to excite users by discovering various types of slot themes. It is really easy to play, go through one of the slot themes and begin spinning. Bet for your chance, and win. You can play our game on Facebook platform right now.

3. What are chips?

Chips act as the virtual currency within the WantedSlots Facebook app. Chips can be purchased, earned and used to play the slot gamesor tournaments that are available in the WantedSlots Facebook app.

4. How can I get chips?

You can always purchase chips from within the Facebook app. If you wish to earn chips, there are many ways to earn chips: Return to the WantedSlots Facebook app on a daily basis.

- Wheel of fortune
- Attendance bonus
- Time mileage bonus
- Trophy mileage bonus
- Friend invite bonus
- Mission bonus
- Level up bonus
- Club bonus
- Free spin bonus
- Welcome back bonus

Share your WantedSlots activity with your Facebook friends on your Facebook wall (achieving a high score, winning a tournament, etc.)

5. How do I level up?

To level up you should spin a lot. Your experience points will increase according to your bet and level status. Higher bet and level status played will help you level up quicker.

6. How does the “Double-up” function work?

Some of slot themes give you the chance to double your current win. It is just enough to “win” to make your profit double. To access the game, you should click the “Double-up” button at the bottom of the game screen. When you choose this, there will be a mini-game for you. You can go on for your chance and you may double your win or you lose your last win.

7. Why is it so hard to hit a Jackpot?

Jackpot winnings totally depend upon player’s luck. However, you will get more chances of winning Jackpot as you spend more time on the machine regardless of bet range. Jackpot is the amount of money accumulated by a small portion of bet money at each spin or hand by players until it’s hit. Therefore, casino has no reason to control it and gain nothing by controlling it. You will eventually grab a chance to hit a Jackpot, if you continue playing.

Payment support

1.Update your payment information

WantedSlots does not store your payment information. When you buy chips for WantedSlots casino, your purchase goes through Facebook, To change or remove stored payment methods from any of these stores, please visit their websites.

2. I purchased chips but have not yet received them.

Please note that there may simply be a delay. If your purchase was within the last few minutes, we ask that you give the process another minute or two. Also, if you have made a purchase and then continued to play, please note that your chips balance changes constantly during the course of play, and it is easy to miss the increase from your purchased chips being delivered while you are paying attention to the game. If you are not seeing the purchased chips appear, it may help to exit and re-launch the game. Take note of your balance before exiting o that you can be sure whether it changes upon loading again. If you still have not received your purchased chips, please do contact our customer support team for For the speediest resolution, provide you receipt in your initial message if possible.

Technical support

1.Game doesn’t start.

There might be several reasons for that, please first try refreshing your page by clicking “CTRL + F5”. If this does not help, it is mainly because you are using an older version of your browser. In order to execute all applications smoothly, please download the latest version of your browser.

Secure browsing feature of Facebook may also not let you start the game. You may fix this by clicking ‘Account Settings”. “Security Settings” and disabling “Secure browsing”. If these do not help, you may restart your router or try installing new browsers. If you make sure you followed all these steps and you have a smooth Internet connection but still unable to start the game or encounter other troubles, please contact us

2. Frequently disconnected from the game.

Disconnecting from the game server might be related to your Internet Service Provider, mainly because of maintenance efforts or exceeding bandwidth usage. Please try logging in after a while. Besides, restarting your router would also help.